P-140/37 Van Elle
 The new version of the popular rig P140TT, now with 28 meters depth CFA (without extension) equipped with the Volvo engine has been delivered to UK. VAN ELLE again innovated and promote the CFA techniques as the best solution for many piling projects. VAN ...
 Adding experiences and know how between customer and manufacturer, the new P105TT is a part of the GM Piling company plan of investment for renovation of high technology drilling rigs and equipments.
 VAN ELLE (UK) Comes up higher to be able to drill even deeper. With the new LLAMADA rig P160TT is capable of reaching 35 meters of depth CFA without extensions. Genuine CFA. Of this way, VAN ELLE decides our brand for big and demanding projects.
P.J.Edwards Ireland P-240TT
 PJEDWARDS, (IRELAND) faithful in their trust in our brand LLAMADA, acquired two drills equipped with TCSP. For this application, the models which have been delivered to PJEDWARDS are the P135EV, and the great P240TT, capable of punching up to 41 m CFA ...
Open door
Bauma 2016
LLAMADA have developed the technology for secant piles with continuous flight auger, through twisted cased secant piles TCSP . This registered system, allows to drill this kind of piles with high efficiency, reduced times and obviously, cheap to do. We will be ...
P-105TT with the new engine CAT C7.1 TIER IV FINAL
 The first model P-105TT with the new engine CAT C7.1 TIER IV FINAL is delivered. The rig is owned by SOLTECHNIC GROUP located in Bordeaux (France). Immediately upon delivery, the equipment is conducting work in La Rochelle. In addition to the new engine, it ...
 The P240TT, the star in the Scandinavian TRIPLA-PROJECT in Helsinki. Piling to 28 meters with CFA in very hard soils while drilling in rock soils through Down the hole hammer (DTH), reaching very high productivity.